Patient questionnaire

If you are unable to complete the form online you can also download a Word document on this link to complete instead.

Your Patient Participation Group (PPG) would be very pleased if you could take a little time to fill in the Questionnaire below. Please make any additional comments that you feel will be helpful. These questions are designed to help the surgery to continue to improve services by gathering information directly from you.

How important is it for you to book non urgent / routine appointments ahead of time?
How do you prefer to book your GP appointments? (Tick all that apply)
Do you use our surgery website and our online services? (e.g. to book appointments with a GP via NHS app or request repeat medication via the website)
If you use our website do you find it easy to use?
Are you aware of the other services provided at the surgery for example Physiotherapist Service and Social Prescribing Service?
You can make appointments with these services without having to see a GP. For more information please visit
Are you aware that the Practice requires 4 working days to process repeat medications?
This is due to the safety/processing times and also manufacturing and supply or delivery issues.
On your most recent appointment were you seen on time? Or if you were not seen on time, how long did you have to wait?
At your appointments, do you feel involved in decisions about your health and future care?
Do you feel that the Surgery staff listen to you and give clear answers to your questions?
Do you know where you can get advice to assist your daily living needs? (e.g. Mobility issues, social isolation, knowledge of local support organisations)
For more information please visit the Rural Rother PCN website
Did you know our Surgeries have a Patient Participation Group (PPG) who work with the Surgery Staff to improve the service you receive?

If you would like to know more about or to join our group of patients please email the PPG on

Or visit our website under the Patient Group heading where you also find further information.

About you

Any information that you choose to provide below will only be available to the staff of the surgery and members of the Patient Participation Group all of whom who are bound by confidentially agreements. This information is used to help us analyse the data that you are providing. For example to help us to understand if using a computer to contact the surgery is more or less important or available for patients in one section of our community.
Your age
It would be helpful if you would please tick to provide some background information about yourself.
Do you identify yourself as

Contact details

If you wish, you may add your name and address below so that we may contact you to answer any questions or to discuss any comments you have made. Your personal details will only be used if you wish us to contact or reply to you and for no other purpose. Every response in this survey is valid and useful. Your future treatment will not be adversely affected by your comments. If you wish to make a complaint there is a separate process for this. Reception staff will provide more information about this process if required.
Not for urgent medical help(Required)