Complaints procedure

We try to provide an efficient and helpful service. Like all organisations things sometimes go wrong. If you have a complaint or grievance about any part of the service we provide we would like to hear about it, so that if things have gone wrong they can be improved for the future. We follow the national guidelines as outlined in the NHS Complaints Procedure. Please address complaints as follows:

  1. Complaints concerning the general running of the practice or the Services we provide should be addressed to the Practice Manager.

  2. Complaints of a clinical nature should be addressed to the doctor concerned. We will endeavour to acknowledge all complaints within 2 working days. All complaints will be answered with a full written reply within 10 working days, unless the party concerned is absent or on leave but you will be informed of the delay.

By addressing complaints early we hope we can reduce misunderstandings and improve the relationship between doctors, staff and patients.

Complaints can be sent to the practice manager by email:

Date published: 10th October, 2014
Date last updated: 3rd March, 2023